About Orata's Services

Orata is a full-service Building Envelope & Forensic Engineering firm. With our head office located in Calgary, AB we also serve residential, commercial, and industrial clients throughout Alberta and British Columbia. Orata provides creative solutions for building performance and expert analysis for all forensic investigations. We do this by assisting clients with a wide range of engineering services.


From first hand experience in the construction industry, we noticed a gap in how most engineering firms service the Building Envelope Industry. Orata’s builiding envelope services department was then formed under this concept to solve those envelope related issues. We provide creative solutions for building performance by assisting clients with a wide range of engineering services. These include energy modelling, building design, and remediation of existing envelope assemblies. We also perform forensic building inspections. We understand the importance of communication throughout the building processes. Also, we appreciate that your building is the sum of many specific systems. Through a review of your building’s envelope assembly, we will make sure you are meeting current energy code standards. We can also solve minor envelope issues before more significant problems arise.



The addition of Orata’s Forensic Engineering Branch was born out of the same concept of identifying a need and providing qualified diligent engineers to meet an area of demand. Electrical failure analysis is becoming a necessary aspect of any fire investigation, as well as many other areas of forensic investigation. This is the result of increased application of electronics through control devices and system integration. An electrical/electronics failure in one aspect of a system can lead to incidents involving fire, arc flash, personal injury, death, flooding, loss of business, data loss, the list is essentially endless. Orata’s forensic expert team has the top tier of training and experience for electrical/electronics failure analysis, as well as fire investigation and analysis. Our familiarity with the insurance/legal industries allows us to execute our roles as forensic experts efficiently by avoiding costly explanations of the subtleties in the insurance and legal worlds.


Orata is at the forefront of the industries we serve including the engineering and construction industry. Our goal is to continue to grow and contribute to our industries in expert leadership roles, while providing our clients with timely, accurate solutions to best empower them moving forward.

LEED® Canada certified