Expert Evaluations, Reporting and consultation services

The Building Envelope & Structural Assessment

Critical evaluation of the safety and insurability of a building is dependent on Building Assessments. It is important to inspect and identify present and potential points of deterioration on a building envelope.

Orata’s experts compile Detailed Reports on an building’s current structural and building envelope condition. This helps owners reduce repair costs and identify circumstances that may be causing excessive operating and repairs expenses.

Initial site inspections are recommended to assess the current situation to determine the recommended project plan to address the concerns. From here an expert team may be assembled for further investigations if required and expert report writing is created to document the results of the deterioration that may be caused from poor design, improper usage of the materials, or product failure. This can save your building from larger concerns developing and can help promote the overall long-term viability of your structure.

Regular building envelope assessments can be done to ensure continued value for business and property owners investments alike. Reducing repair costs, with early detection, by making it easy to implement preventative measures.

Critical Steps & Retro Commissioning

Our Retro Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) team has the technical expertise to Review, Design, Evaluate, and efficiently Remediate a Building’s Envelope Assembly with sustainability in mind. Orata assists commercial and industrial owners and property management groups through the entire Building Assessment process.

FORENSIC Engineering Services for Building ASSESSMENTS

The city of Calgary mandated building envelope assessments under the building maintenance bylaw that came into effect January 2017. Under the new law, buildings that are five storeys or higher, as well as over ten years old require visual assessments on exterior walls and roofing. This process aid’s the city in expediting their focus on identifying and proactively repairing high-risk factors and properties.

Orata’s Forensic Engineering Department assists in this process by assisting insurance and legal professionals when a Forensic Building Investigation needs to take place.

Our Senior Forensic Engineer performs a third-party non-biased investigation into the incident by gathering all documentation including the assessments, reports and other necessary files; then assembles a team required to support the investigation. From here our team of experts work together detailing the findings to the building owner or representative with clear guidance on the recommended steps.

If you need a Building Assessment, look no further.

Orata’s expertise in the field of Building Engineering extends to Commissioning, Restoration, and Forensic Building Inspection, and more.

For more information or to book a consultation with an with an Building Envelope Expert; please contact us via email at or at (403) 764-0055.