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Orata Engineerings electrical and electronic forensic team is equipped to handle all levels of failure investigation for electrical equipment and electronic devices.

Our electrical and electronic experts are also cross-trained in Fire Origin & Cause Investigations, however, electrical and/or electronic failures can occur without significant fire involvement.


Electrical and electronic failures will often result in additional damages due to loss of power and/or loss of control systems. The origin of these incidents can be separated into two categories:

  • Causation origin – where the initial electrical and/or electronics failure was first initiated.
  • Damage origin – area affected by loss of power and/or control.


Many types of large loss claims including flooding (frozen pipes), fire (alarm response), and equipment failure (improper shutdown procedure), may have related electrical and/or electronic factors linked to the root cause; or significant contribution to the cause. In these cases, the electrical and/or electronics equipment and evidence may be located off site, away from the damage that was reported in the initial insurance claim.


It is possible that the contributing/causation evidence may have been protected from damage by the resulting incident. However, now creating a disadvantage in the scene investigation because there are two locations missed. Hiring a Forensic engineer with backgrounds in Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a beneficial for this reason as it bridges the gap.


Orata’s Electrical & Electronics Forensic team has extensive backgrounds in a broad range of electrical and electronics engineering design, as well as integration of systems through electrical supply, protection, and controls. Most areas of engineering that involve electricity have both electrical and electronic aspects intertwined.

Read the brief descriptions provided blow of these areas including examples of investigations in Orata’s scope.


Having a Electrical/Electronic team that is cross-trained in fire dynamics and fire origin and cause investigation techniques is beneficial. It allows us to empower you with timely and accurate answers.

With the increasing role of electronic devices in our lives, there is a resulting increase in electrical infrastructure to power these environments. This means that electrical and electronic components are the most common complications in any Fire Origin & Cause Investigations.


Orata’s Forensic team maintains the necessary education, certification, and experience to qualify as expert witnesses in a court of law. Our experts research standards, codes, and technologies of our respective disciplines from historical, current, and emerging perspectives to provide the most accurate analysis and opinions of incident causation and contributing factors.

Orata provides full spectrum reporting of our investigative findings, from verbal updates to court ready forensic reports. Please Ask Our Experts for a detailed assessment for your request.

Forensic investigations Orata’s Experts can Empower you with.


The Electrical sector of the engineering world centers around the generation, transmission & distribution, and end-user consumption of power. Orata’s forensic team has extensive experience conducting investigations on industrial and commercial electrical systems and equipment. Our service areas include:

  • Transformers: from small Class 2 and control transformers to larger transmission and distribution transformers over 100 MVA
  • Switchgear: low and medium voltage switchgear from smaller residential buildings to industrial switchgear for manufacturing facilities and generation stations
  • Renewable Power Generating Equipment: from personal use solar chargers to over a Megawatt Wind turbines and large solar power projects
  • Power storage facilities and battery banks
  • Instrumentation and Controls: Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), sensors (temp, pressure, flow, etc.), and transducers


Our electronic engineering team’s expertise covers decades of failure analysis experience in all stages of product development for advanced technology discoveries. With knowledge on standard practices, process limitations, and other industry norms, our experts provide forensic services in all levels of failure analysis and assist in intellectual property reviews. Our service area includes:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Indoor Plant Growing System
  • Clement Control System
  • Fire Suppression and Gas Detection System
  • Location Tracking System
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud Service
  • Data Storage

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