Roof System Commissioning

Avoid a roof SYSTEM failure, hire a 3rd-party non bias team of experts

Avoid a Costly Roof Failure with Roof System Commissioning

We unfortunately see a lot of roof system failures in Alberta. In the building envelope commissioning process we focus on the roof assembly because these failures can easily be avoided with proper design, materials and construction. Ideally the goal is to start early; then retain a full scope engineering firm, like Orata Engineering, for a Design Review, Design, or to Inspect or Investigate your building. Our team of experts analyze documents and the areas of concern and assess the specific components that have a high a building failure rate.

Document Review

It is important to have a document review of the roof assembly so you can avoid costly failures at the interfaces between the adjacent assemblies. Poorly designed, and installed roofing systems are the most common reason why buildings fail. Design quality assurance, and quality control is an essential part of roof design as it is the most expensive system to fail on an owners property. This is why it should meet the expectations of code compliance, the owner, and sustainability of your build.

It is our goal to design a high-performance building with zero energy loss. Energy modelling demonstrates the relevant energy codes to include in the buildings size, form, occupancy, and how it is constructed with prospective code requirements. This means the design, product choice, and application matters and needs to be considered when looking at the design.

You could have the best product for the wrong application and it would fail without proper consideration of its position in the system and review scrutinizing all design parameters.


    • Document Review
    • Roof System Design (Unvented Roof Design, Vented Roof Design)
    • Comprehensive system manual
    • Field inspections to ensure compliance & quality control
    • Report Writing
    • Compliance Letters

Roof System Design & Building Science

There are 4 critical areas to consider when looking at a Roof System Design. They are the Air Barrier, Vapour Barrier, Thermal Resistance, and Ventilation systems. These 4 components work together to prevent roof system failures and building envelope failures including moisture accumulation in an attic.

When there is an obvious failure, you can visually see the water penetration. In the case of a bad roof design, you may see a leak in your ceiling, light fixtures, windows, walls, electrical sockets, door frames, and possibly the basement. This means you probably have a serious condensation build up associated with a deficient Air Barrier, Vapour Barrier, Thermal Resistance, and Ventilation system.

Unfortunately living in Alberta we often don’t see these signs until the weather warms up and the condensate releases from the area of build up.

Start Early

The highest value of Orata’s services is when we are involved in the earliest stages of the design process, as decisions regarding the building’s primary structural elements can have a profound impact on insulating strategies, air barrier detailing, energy code compliance, and fenestration options. Orata’s expertise applied in early designs, will help to ensure your building meets energy code requirements in the most efficient way possible.

Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx) avoids critical component failures and this can save you a lot of capital when the project is near completion. Unfortunately, it’s quite common for a building enclosure to cover up inadequate design work by expensive interior and exterior finishes. This generates a necessity to begin commissioning as part as the conceptual design phase and ensures that the process is conducted throughout the Design, Construction and Operation of the building.

BECx addresses the concerns early to avoid building envelope failures when the elements (rain, snow, ice, condensation, air flow, vapour flow, heat flow, light, solar, noise) test the integrity of the structure and ensure they are durable, constructible, maintainable, and fit for use.

Forensic Retro- Commissioning Projects

Reviewing an existing buildings design and installation to evaluate performance. When a renovation, restoration, or remediation project begins it is an opportunity to view Incorrect designs that could have lead to severe moisture issues that resulted in the deterioration of envelope assemblies and costly repairs

Retro-Commissioning projects for Industrial and commercial facilities often face costly unforeseen circumstances with additions and renovations. This is often due to the lack of commissioning and maintenance over the years can leave the building envelope systems in dis-repair. At this juncture a building envelope review can determine if there are any concerns to ensuring high performance and long-term durability. This evaluation can include air and water intrusion testing as well as thermal scanning. If the evaluation reveals underperformance, this will provide an opportunity to implement new solutions for improvement.

Hire a BECx Expert

If you would like to hire a Building Envelope/Enclosure Expert who specializes in Roof System Commissioning, submit your assignment today! Alberta’s engineering experts are here to empower you with expert advice!