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Orata provides comprehensive forensic engineering services in Forensic Investigations, and Failure Analysis. Our specialties include Building Envelope, Structural, Electrical, Geotechnical, Mechanical, Electronic, Materials, and Sustainable applications.

A hallmark of Orata corporate culture is clear and concise communication. Our forensic experts provide readable and accessible reporting of complex technical concepts efficiently and effectively with clients from various backgrounds. They include governing agencies, insurance, litigation, manufacturers, owners, and other technical, non-technical professionals.


We investigate, identify, and diagnose all types of building envelope failures. By determining the cause of failure, we can address the source of hazards in the building system, such as water damage, mould, and any other building deterioration. We pride ourselves in providing detailed forensic reports on all our investigations.


By focusing on the roof system within the commissioning process we can analyze designs, assess areads of concern, inspect construction sites and investigate roof failures. A document review is the recommended first step to avoid costly failures at the interfaces between the adjacent assemblies.


The commissioning process benifits all  new and pre-existing building projects avoid envelope failure. Orata recommends BECx as part as the conceptual design phase as it ensures that the process conducted throughout the design and construction phases perform as the OPR intended.


Failures can happen at any stage in the life of electrical and electronic equipment, such as design, manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance. Each stage can introduce a different potentially involved party. Our experienced team can identify the root cause of failures and at which stage this cause likely occurred.


The primary goal for sustainability and longevity of a building system is to minimize energy consumption, maintenance, and maximize the operations of a building. We understand the complexities of the interactions involved between the multiple mechanical systems within industrial and commercial buildings.



Fires are the most expensive cause of damage claims. Hiring experienced and qualified Forensic Experts is essential for a successful investigation. The fragile nature of fire damaged items, present challenges in preservation of evidence and security of fire scenes. Orata’s Forensic experts meet and exceed the qualifications for professional Fire Investigation.


Orata’s forensic experts recognize their duty to the court as expert witnesses, to conduct and deliver unbiased third party investigations, analysis, and opinions. Our engineering team provides the most advanced level of technical and soft skills in the Western Canada region. This unique advantage allows us to support our clients throughout all stages of BECx, and Investigations including technically based challenges.

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts prioritize ongoing training to stay at the cutting edge of the Forensic Science industry and their associated disciplines.


Hire a trusted, experienced and qualified engineering team of experts with multiple engineering disciplines that deliver reliable, unbiased, answers on time!


We deliver full-scale forensic services. Contact us to review your situation to see whether our services would be applicable.

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