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We assist clients by providing them with accurate, and timely Building Envelope Science Solutions.

Our trusted multi-disciplinary Engineering Experts has extensive experience in Building Envelope Commissioning (BECx), Review, Design, Structural, Energy Performance & Sustainability, Failure Inspections & Investigations, Construction, Assessments, Code Compliance and more!

Our multifaceted team from various professional backgrounds give Orata the edge to provide a comprehensive service. Unified, our knowledge-based approach helps improve workflow and the outcome for our clients.

structural engineering and design

Orata assists building owners with BECx, Commissioning Services to verify that the owner has delivered a building that meets the design intent and performs as expected. BECx accurately analyzes the main components of a building for its optimal performance.

forensic building inspection

We inspect, identify and diagnose all types of building failures. Then address the source hazards and provide detailed reports. *Should your file shift to a litigation or Insurance claim we convert your file into a Forensic Building Investigation to support your claim.

envelope engineering & design services

Improvements in building materials and energy requirements created a need for a multi-faceted team of experts like Orata. We review, design, and inspect to optimize your buildings performance and ensure your building is code compliant and more importantly safe!

building restoration and design

Learn about vital repairs that can enhance and protect your buildings’ integrity and life span. Typical Retro-Commissioning, Restoration, and Restorative projects follow these 3 steps: Review (Consultation & Design), Investigation, Construction.

structural engineering and design

Our experienced Structural Engineers, Building Envelope, and Construction industry professionals work together provide a knowledge-based approach for Commissioning projects. Specializing in Industrial and Commercial buildings. 

energy modelling services

We accurately determine accurate building enclosure calculations for optimal energy performance. Throughout the building envelope design and construction process, our qualified experts will guide builders, designers and owners to determine their most effective enclosure and design for energy code compliance to keep costs low.

building envelope assessments

We review and inspect buildings to identify the present and potential points of deterioration or building envelope failure, then provide detailed reports and essential documents.

If you need expert advice and support on your buildings performance, submit your assignment today and start your consultation!