Wondering how to ensure your building’s envelope is efficient, right from the start of your build? Partnering with an experienced envelope engineering team in the early stages of your design work can save you time, money, and most importantly help ensure your building’s longevity. Learn more about what working with envelope engineers looks like below!

Starting Off on the Right Foot

An experienced engineering firm will work alongside your building contractors and architects to determine what functional elements your design needs to have in place to maintain efficiency. This includes things like establishing the climate zone for your building, which helps determine optimal construction methods and materials.

Up to Code

Your engineering team will also review all designs to ensure that all building codes are met and that plans fall within the constraints given by the owner/architect. Suggestions may be made for ideas that help to boost building efficiency and the quality of living for building residents or occupants as well. Generally speaking, the design evaluation process involves a close dialogue between the engineers and contractors to guarantee that the final building plans are safe, cost-efficient, and secure.

Site Inspections

Once your design is finalized, your envelope engineers will conduct a series of on-site inspections to ensure everything goes according to plan during your build. Inspection periods may include during and post framing, during window and door installation, and before the installation of insulation and interior finishes. The engineering team will also be there to assist in the construction process, and to help address problems efficiently, should they arrive.

Orata takes pride in working closely with our clients to develop, functional, stylish, and long-lasting building designs. To learn more about our envelope design services, contact our team today!