Orata Engineering is a full-service Calgary envelope engineering consultancy specializing in envelope design and envelope review services. Because our team is fully immersed in the world of envelope engineering, we often overlook the fact that our technical engineering vocabulary doesn’t always resonate with everyone. With that in mind, we figured our blog would be the perfect opportunity to further explain some of the technical Calgary-based engineering services we provide. We’ll begin with the basics of envelope engineering. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar with the concept of envelope engineering. We’ve outlined everything you need to know in order to understand the basics of envelope engineering in Calgary.

What is envelope engineering?

Envelope engineering stems from the envelope of a building which is a term used to describe the outer part of the building that protects the inside contents from severe weather and climate conditions. Essentially, a building’s envelope consists of its foundation, walls and roof. A building envelope’s design is how all of these areas come together to manage the environmental effects that different elements can have on the building. In the Winter, a building relies on its envelope to shield it from freezing weather temperatures, rain and snow. In the Summer, the envelope is designed to prevent the inside from overheating. Envelope engineering is also used to manage the airflow, moisture and possible water intrusion of buildings.

Why is envelope engineering so important in Calgary?

Envelope engineering is extremely important to Calgary since the city often faces extreme weather conditions throughout its Winter and Summer seasons. Heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures are commonplace in Calgary, making the relevancy of a building’s envelope crucial for comfort and survival. Envelope engineering is also relevant to Calgary’s economy. Proper envelope design, building materials and drainage plans help businesses protect the lifetime value of their properties from leakage, flooding and water intrusion. When envelope engineering isn’t implemented properly in buildings, there are often significant, long-term costs that result down the road.

Why is Orata Engineering the best choice for envelope engineering in Calgary?

Orata Engineering is the trusted choice for envelope engineering, envelope design, drainage plans and more because we understand how all of these different variables come together to help increase the longevity and value of property. Our integrated approach to envelope engineering along with our forensic research allow us to provide our clients with solutions that are high performing, healthy and energy efficient.

If you have any further questions about envelope engineering in Calgary or any of the other Orata Engineering services such as drainage plans, building materials or HVAC, please contact us through our website or give us a call at 403-512-6065. We are Calgary’s premier envelope engineers committed to optimizing your performance.