Annual Forensic Training

Last year, Orata Engineering participated in the 2019 Fall Seminar Hot Wheels Training Course on Vehicle Fire Investigation delivered by Fire Investigation Association of Alberta (FIAA).

Orata’s very own Senior Forensic Engineer, Mr. David Hines was honored to be invited as a guest speaker and presented the second module of the course: Preparing for the Motor Vehicle Fire Investigation. Another Orata team member, Mr. Thomas Li, also attended the course and received tested certification for the training.

The FIAA’s Hot Wheels course was a 3 day-long training event hosted in Nisku, AB.  Mr. Keith Fowler and Mr. Al Weicker (Precise Fire Investigations) did the majority of the instruction for the course, which was split into both a theory/classroom component and practical application of the theoretical content.  

The course attendees were divided into 9 teams and provided with a fire damaged vehicle which was setup by the facilitators to replicate specific real world scenarios.

There was also an electrical demonstration delivered by Keith Fowler.  Mr. Fowler is a retired vehicle fire investigator that was instrumental in many Transport Canada and NHSTA recalls in the 80’s and 90’s including the Ford ignition switch recall, which resulted in one of the largest recalls in automotive history.

The Scenario Vehicle preparation and the Live Burn Demonstrations were hosted by the Leduc County Fire Services at their District Fire Station and Training Facility in Nisku, AB. 

The FIAA is the most active Chapter of the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) in North America. The Chapter started in 1981 and currently provides extensive training courses each year, of which include mock scenario and live burn components. The courses are accredited for continuing education credits by industries including: APEGA, and Insurance Professionals.

The FIAA is an excellent asset to have locally for investigative training and professional networking. This organization has consistently proven itself a valuable resource to the public and private sectors in the province of Alberta, Western Canada, and Nation Wide.

Experts continuing Education

We are proud to have an extensive network of full-time Forensic Scientists and Professional Engineers. We often leverage this network of experts when required. We know the importance of continuing education that’s why we not only attend forensic seminars we also participate in giving them.

Orata’s experts have performed hundreds of Forensic Investigations throughout Canada and the United States. Our expertise spans a wide range of areas including: Fire, Building Envelope, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical, Structural fires, and beyond.

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