One of the reasons that site grading services in Calgary are so important is that the city of Calgary has a site grading bylaw that all new residential and commercial building lots must comply with. The bylaw was developed to improve water drainage systems throughout the city. As a full-service envelope engineering consultancy that specializes in drainage plans, Orata Engineering offers site grading services that both meet and exceed the city’s requirements.

What is the purpose of a site grading service company?

Site grading is used to modify the foundation of building sites in order to accommodate proper drainage systems. Site grading software is first used to evaluate the elevation grade of surfaces and then determine if adjustments need to be made. Site grading is especially important in cities like Calgary because of the extreme weather conditions that can occur in Winter. It is important that residential and commercial buildings have proper drainage systems in place for heavy snow fall and rain. If a building does not have a proper drainage system in place during extreme weather conditions, it can quickly become a safety hazard and result in excessive damage to the property.

What is the value in hiring a site grading service company?

It is the responsibility of the building company to ensure that construction projects properly comply with city drainage bylaws. Hiring a site grading service company in Calgary is an easy way to ensure that residential and commercial building projects meet the city’s requirements. Failing to comply with the city’s construction bylaws can result in serious fines up to $10,000. Consulting with an envelope engineering company before construction begins can help save a project time and money.

Why hire Orata Engineering for site grading services in Calgary?

Orata Engineering has the technology and experience to create high-performing drainage systems for buildings in Calgary. Our 3D Civil Designers use state-of-the-art software to create 3D renderings of site surfaces. As a full-service envelope engineering consultancy, our engineers understand all aspects of building construction and are dedicated to ensuring that all of these areas work together in harmony. For the best site grading services and high performing drainage systems in Calgary, let the experts at Orata Engineering help.

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