One of the questions we get asked a lot at Orata Engineering has to do with digital terrain modeling. Many of us have heard of the term although not everyone is sure what it is and why it is important.  Digital terrain modeling plays a critical role in site planning, site grading, earthwork, quantity estimates and more. The experienced Civil 3D modelers and drafters at Orata Engineering use digital terrain modeling to help with the development of drainage plans. To obtain a better understanding of digital terrain modeling and why it is important, Orata Engineering has answered the most common questions about the practice below:

What is digital terrain modeling?

Digital terrain modeling uses the latest computer and 3D modeling program technology to create a digital 3D elevation models of the earth’s surface in specified areas. A digital terrain model will provide engineers with an accurate depiction of the earth’s bare surface. It can also be used to map terrain models that include manmade structures such as homes and buildings.

Why is digital terrain modeling important?

Digital terrain modeling is so important in civic engineering because it helps assist with drainage planning and the development of land. Digital terrain modeling gives engineers a more accurate understanding of the earth’s bare surface which allows them to design better-performing buildings.

What is the role of digital terrain modeling in today’s world?

Digital terrain modeling used to rely on two-dimensional images. With today’s technology, almost all digital terrain modeling is done in 3D. Originally, digital terrain modeling was used in the study of geography, hydrology, tectonics, oceanography and other closely related subjects. The advancement of 3D digital terrain modeling has allowed engineers to diversify its applications. Full-service envelope engineering firms such as Orata Engineering use digital terrain modeling to advance its drainage planning services. Its team of civil 3D modelers and drafters are fully equipped with the latest digital terrain modeling technology.

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